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Improving today’s healthcare environment

It is our promise to protect patients and clinicians through innovative, cost-effective, infection prevention systems that are easy to deploy and achieve reliable outcomes while reducing the environmental impact of delivering quality healthcare.

Innovative disinfection technology based on university research

It has been well-documented that manual disinfection procedures are problematic for clinicians and hospital staff. In order to solve this problem, Sterifre Medical, Inc. was established in 2016 when former Cornell University researcher, Czeslaw Golkowski, Ph.D., partnered with healthcare industry veteran, Richard Shea, to commercialize innovative disinfection technology.44,46,47,50

Mr. Shea has over 35 years experience leading healthcare companies, from start-up to successful commercialization. He and his team of healthcare and infection prevention specialists are steering the company through key milestones of product development, testing, and regulatory approval to prepare its products for market.

Our Leadership Team

Image of Richard Shea

Richard Shea

Chief Executive Officer

Rick has over thirty-five years as a both a CEO and founder, leading medical device and healthcare service companies from start-up to successful commercialization. He is the co-founder of Sterifre Medical, Inc. and has served on the boards of multiple healthcare organizations.

Image of Gen Minor

Gen Minor

Vice President, Quality and Regulatory Affairs

Gen has more than 30 years of experience in medical device design, product development, quality management systems, regulatory compliance, and regulatory affairs at leading healthcare organizations.

Image of Czeslaw Golkowski, Ph.D.

Czeslaw Golkowski, Ph.D.

Founder, Vice President Research

Dr. Golkowski is a proficient inventor and developer of the novel technology on which Sterifre Medical’s first product is based. His experience includes thirty years of research in plasma physics, including diagnostic plasma physics devices. He holds a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences from the Mining and Metallurgy Academy in Krakow, Poland, and a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Cornell University.

Image of Mark Golkowski, PhD

Mark Golkowski, PhD

Co-founder and member of the Sterifre board of directors

Mark has 15 years of experience in research and development. He is Professor and Associate Dean of Education and Student Success in the College of Engineering, Design and Computing at the University of Colorado Denver. He holds a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University.

"This is the first automated disinfection process that can treat cell phones, electronics, and heat sensitive items. The AURA is a solution at the point-of-care allowing it to limit deadly hospital acquired infections, while saving time and labor for personnel. In replacing wipes and sprays it eliminates hundreds of tons of waste thus saving human lives and the environment. It allows doctors, nurses and patients to finally do what we have known needs to be done to control infections but was previously not practical nor possible."

"The chemistry behind the aura technology is multifaceted and intricate but ultimately very elegant. As an advanced oxidation process delivering activated oxygen it neutralizes pathogens very quickly but without residues or any damage to equipment."

“Hospitals are well aware of the challenges around disinfectant wipes and sprays including protocol compliance, damage to devices, variability in contact time, variability in organisms treated and negative environmental impact . . . AURA can help address these challenges” -Richard Shea, CEO

Our Solution