A New Approach to Device Disinfection

Introducing . . . AURA. The first automated, point-of-care disinfection device utilizing known disinfectants in a new patented process. Broad material compatibility with broad-spectrum efficacy. Zero chemical residue. Disinfection at the press of a button.

AURA is disinfection . . . done right.

AURA-D and the AURA System are EPA registered as a hospital disinfectant for hard surfaces and are on the EPA N List for SARS-CoV-2.

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Standardized Disinfection Using Proven, Patented Technology

Automated Quality Controlled Disinfection using processes similar to SPD46,47

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Disinfection Without Decision

Automated Point-of-Care Disinfection

Using disinfectant wipes should be quick and simple, but it's not. The right wipe, the right pathogen, the right contact time... it all matters. Plus, studies show that wipes may spread microorganisms.11

Cost and Time Efficient

Cost Savings by Design

Sterifre works with you to develop a comprehensive turnkey solution at a guaranteed cost. Protect your patients, staff, and budget while automating your device disinfection.44

Flexible, No Installation Required

Convenient Plug-and-Play Set-Up

Plug it in and push a button. It's that easy. AURA's patented use of AURA-D hydrogen peroxide and activated oxygen lets you avoid harsh disinfectant exposure with zero harmful residue. The only thing left: disinfected devices and clean air.50


AURA-D and the AURA System are EPA registered as a hospital disinfectant for hard surfaces and are on the EPA N List for SARS-CoV-2


US hospitals throw away approximately 20 million disinfectant wipes daily


No start-up capital required. Reduce your cost of disinfection, guaranteed

Disinfection. . . done right.

AURA Point-of-Care Disinfection System

  • Automated, one-button batch disinfection
  • Broad material compatibility
  • No chemical exposure to staff, no residue on devices
  • No waste, only output is clean air
  • No capital investment, predictable cost

Conventional Disinfection Wipes

  • Manual disinfection process
  • Multi-step instructions
  • Chemicals may create risk for staff and damage devices 
  • Substantial environmental impact
  • No guaranteed pricing model, variable cost

How does your facility stack up?

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