The Challenge:

Manual disinfection is challenging, it should be simple... but it's not

Did you know?

52% of disinfectant users surveyed are unaware of proper contact times9


Disinfectant wipes require a multi-step process

For disinfection wipes to be effective, users should adhere to required contact times, which can range from 15 seconds to 10 minutes and vary by target organism and chemistry profile of the wipe. Medical staff may not be familiar with this information and may have time constraints.

Lack of standardized protocols may amplify organism resistance

Some studies show that improper use of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QACs) may create organisms with increased disinfectant resistance.10 It is also documented that improper use of wipes may transfer pathogens between surfaces.36

Studies show the presence of variability in manual disinfection methods

Research reveals that disinfectant wipes can be inconsistently effective on both personal and point of care medical devices. Variables impacting wipe efficacy include:11

  • Chemical profile and concentration
  • Material and construction of wipe
  • Interaction between chemical and wipe
  • Application method
  • Wiping strategy, including applied pressure and contact time
  • Storage time