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Sterifre Medical is an APIC Strategic Partner

Demonstrating our dedication to reducing the risk of infection, Sterifre Medical is proud to be an APIC Strategic Partner

The path to infection free healthcare

The APIC Strategic Partner Program is a partnership between APIC and industry leaders who share the common goal of preventing infections.

“We are excited to welcome Sterifre Medical as an APIC Strategic Partner,” said APIC CEO Katrina Crist, MBA, CAE. “Together, APIC and Sterifre will work together to improve healthcare outcomes and advance education and certification for IPC professionals.”

Infection prevention in healthcare is becoming increasingly challenging as the prevalence of hospital acquired infections has increased 36% over the last 20 years.14 According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 633,000 hospitalized patients get HAIs each year and 72,000 die during their hospital stay.

The APIC Strategic Partner Program is a response to this trend and an opportunity for Sterifre and APIC to join together to further infection prevention and enhance the safety of patients. The program not only improves infection prevention competency, but also provides the opportunity to share critical information and coordinate solutions.

APIC Strategic Partners fully support the Competency Advancement Assistance (CAA) Program to help IPs manage the cost associated with obtaining the Certification in Infection Prevention and Control (CIC®) credential. The CAA program covers exam fees and study resources.

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