Supply Chain Weaknesses

The COVID-19 pandemic has uncovered significant vulnerabilities in the infection prevention supply chain as hospitals and other facilities have been unable to reliably source disinfectant wipes.

Explanations for the shortage of disinfectant wipes fall into two categories:

1. Sourcing materials

2. Safety regulations

Sourcing Materials

New coronavirus-related restrictions on factories have made it difficult for American wipe companies to source materials such as Quaternary ammonium compounds.

To keep up with high demand, manufacturers have increased their orders of packaging components for wipe canisters, hand sanitizer pumps, and spray bottles leaving these packaging companies overwhelmed.

There has also been difficulty with sourcing fabric for disinfectant wipes because these wipes use the same materials that are used to make personal protective equipment (PPE)- another item in very high demand.65

Health and Safety Regulations

Regulations limit the adjustments that can be made to speed up the manufacturing process of wipes. Only certain fabrics, like polypropylene, are approved by the EPA for use as a disinfectant wipe. This heavily restricts a company’s ability to find an “alternative” material for the wipes.

Coronavirus-related safety restrictions like social distancing requirements and new disinfection protocols in manufacturing facilities also contribute to shortages.66

How Does AURA Solve This?

One AURA system with just one case of AURA-D disinfectant cartridges replaces 60 canisters of wipes. Sterifre's domestic supply chain ensures reliable, automated and thorough disinfection.

Disinfection . . . Done Right

Sterifre's AURA Disinfection System

  • Domestic supply chain
  • Automated, one-button batch disinfection
  • Broad material compatibility
  • No chemical exposure to staff, no residue on devices
  • No waste, only output is clean air
  • No capital investment, predictable cost

Conventional Disinfectant Wipes

  • International supply chain
  • Manual disinfection process
  • Multi-step instructions
  • Chemicals may create risk for staff and damage devices
  • Substantial environmental impact
  • No guaranteed pricing model, variable cost